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e-card FAQ

Have a question about ordering a personalised eCard from funEcards? See our frequently asked questions below. Still have a question not answered? Contact us.


Is Fun e-cards environmentally friendly?

Digital transfer of our cards has much less labour and materials used. No haulage or disposal of a product to account for. So yes, compared to physical cards it's a no brainer. We also donate the maximum 1.5% of our profits using Stripe to clean Co2 out the atmosphere. Which should go some way to make us carbon neutral.

How much is a card?

All cards cost £1.49 unless you have a coupon. Then the prices will come down.

How do I personalise my card?

Simply click the card to start editing. Once pressed it allows you to access a range of text and drawing options. We ask you just keep it in good humour.

How do I ensure the ecard doesn't go in their junk?

We can't guarantee it won't - so you can also share the card using a unique link created once ordered. You can then send this in your own email or share on social media.


Can I share my eCard online

Absolutely. After completing your purchase you will be able to view and share your eCards from the confirmation screen. We'll also include links to your personalised eCards on your email receipt.

My card hasn't arrived?

We do all we can to ensure cards reach recipients, but sometimes they can be caught by spam filters.

If your recipient hasn't received their card its worth checking their spam/junk folder. You can also share a direct link to the card via email or on social media by using the unique card link contained in your confirmation email.

You can also contact us to resend the card.